AlQashlah- Dharhan- Near to National Guard

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CBAHI Accreditation

CBAHI Accreditation

Gama Hospital renews the accreditation of CBAHI for the Fourth time in a row with the highest degrees of success and distinction

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AlQashlah- Dharhan- Near to National Guard



Home Care Services

Gama hospital provides Home Care special services for patients who need medical and special care in the comfort of their homes to improve their quality of life. To sign up for the service, click here

Home health care services provided at Gama Hospital:

- Postpartum care

- Nursing Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

- Post-operative care

- Caring for bedsore patients

- Clinical Nutrition

- Intravenous therapy, complete intravenous feeding, pain management, urinary catheterization.

- Follow-up of chronic diseases, care of patients with heart and respiratory system

- Non-ambulatory transportation.

- Taking blood samples

The field of home health services in Gama Hospital:

- Periodic home service such as follow-up of diabetic patients, care for patients with permanent and temporary laparotomy, care for patients of the heart and respiratory system, treating wounds, and protecting them from contamination.

- Various treatments such as intravenous injections, parenteral nutrition, total parenteral nutrition, antibiotic therapy, pain management

- Helping to carry out daily living activities

- Taking blood samples

- Preview of advanced and advanced cases Accident and trauma care

- Medical and therapeutic service

- Availability of medicines and supplies

- Feeding service

- Rehabilitation Respiratory service

Patients who need home care:

- A newly discharged patient whose condition requires continued health care

- Patients at risk of relapses

- Patients who require frequent hospital visits

- Patients with chronic diseases

- Patients who take more than one treatment and require close follow-up

- Patients undergoing continuous intravenous therapy

- Patients under continuous medical care who are dependent on catheters or tube feedings

- Patients with wounds and their condition require periodic sterilization of the wound and then removal of surgical sutures

- Patients with unstable vital signs Patients who need continuous monitoring to confirm the diagnosis and to follow specific instructions

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Home Care Services