AlQashlah- Dharhan- Near to National Guard

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CBAHI Accreditation

CBAHI Accreditation

Gama Hospital renews the accreditation of CBAHI for the Fourth time in a row with the highest degrees of success and distinction

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AlQashlah- Dharhan- Near to National Guard



Orthopedic Surgery

Our team of Orthopedic Surgeons at Gama Hospital is recognized for their surgical technical excellence and innovation to solve both simple and complicated orthopedic problems, that include- but are not limited to:

- Knee arthroscopy, replacement of Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL & PCL).

- Sports injuries

- Hip and Knee replacement

- Foot and ankle surgery

- Joint surgery and replacement

- Spine Surgeries

- Arthritis Comprehensive care

- Hand Surgery

- Pediatric Orthopedics: Diagnosis and treatment of congenital bones deformity of the feet, bow legs (Genu Varum), hip joint dislocation, musculoskeletal delayed development, and cerebral palsy.
The department also has a specialized unit for the surgery of Ilizarov, which is a specialized device for the repair of bone defects, non-healing fractures that are accompanied by veins inflammation, bone malformations, and lengthening the limbs.
For decades, the department has been recognized for receiving and treating cases of work injuries and achieving the highest levels of recovery and rehabilitation, benefiting the patient, the family, and the employers.

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Orthopedic Surgery