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CBAHI Accreditation

CBAHI Accreditation

Gama Hospital renews the accreditation of The Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutes (CBAHI) for the third time in a row with the highest degrees of success and distinction

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AlQashlah- Dharhan- Near to National Guard



Pre- and Post- Operative Care

Preoperative Instructions:

1- Food and drinks should be restricted 6-8 hours before the operation.

2- Children ( 2 years or less):

- Breasfeeding is allowed 4 hours before the operation.

- Bottle feeding is allowed 6 hours before the operation.

3- Patients with chronic diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes,..etc) should continue to take their medications normally with minor amounts of water, after consulting the responsible doctor.

4- Wearing contact lenses is not allowed on the operation day. Glasses can be used instead.

5- You'll need to remove all body piercings, make-up and nail polish before your operation.

6- You will need to have a bath or shower before coming in for your surgery

7- Make the appropriate arrangements for your children (less than 10 years) to stay home with relatives/friends on your surgery day.

8- Follow-up appointment and required medications will be arranged by your doctor.


Post-Operative Instructions:

Please follow your doctor's instructions related to:

1- When to start eating, what is allowed to eat and what is not.

2- Follow-up appointment

3- Taking the required medications

Also, refer back to your immediately in case of:

- Sever pain

- Inflammation or edema

- Bleeding

- High fever ( >38 )

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