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AlQashlah- Dharhan- Near to National Guard



Lose weight without surgery with Elipse Capsule

Elipse capsule is one of the latest technologies in the treatment of obesity, and Harvard students in America developed it after several years of research and experiments. Learn more about the smart capsule, its mechanism of losing weight, treating obesity, and its many advantages


What is the Elipse capsule?

The Elipse capsule, or smart capsule, is an innovation recently added to obesity treatment plans, and it is not much different in size from antibiotic capsules. A balloon is placed inside the capsule, and then the doctor attaches it to a tube long and thin enough to reach the patient's stomach. When the capsule reaches the stomach; The doctor is able to fill the balloon with about 550-600 ml of its intended fluid in less than ten minutes without using anesthesia, and finally; The doctor removes the tube easily by pulling it out of the patient's mouth. The researchers were able to design the balloon appropriately so that it remains inside the stomach for 4 months, without feeling any pain or experiencing complications. After that period; The contents of the balloon are emptied and disposed of smoothly through digestive secretions without any complications


 How is the smart capsule inserted into the stomach?

Through 3 simple steps, which are:

  1. Take the capsule containing the balloon attached to the thin tube with the help of small amounts of water.
  2.  The doctor makes sure that the capsule reaches its correct place using x-rays.
  3. Then the doctor fills the balloon with a customized liquid, then uses x-rays again to make sure that the balloon is successfully filled.

After about 4 months, the balloon is deflated by itself, and the body eliminates it through the waste naturally and harmlessly.


What are the advantages of the Elipse "smart” capsule in the treatment of obesity?


  1. According to statistics, the capsule helped obese patients lose about 10-15 kilograms of their excess weight in just 4 months.
  2. This procedure is suitable for obese patients who find it very difficult to start or follow a strict diet.
  3. Inserting the capsule takes a short time and the procedures are completed in about 20 minutes only.
  4. The capsule helps in losing weight by stimulating the feeling of satiety and fullness, thus reducing the amount of food that you can eat in one meal, and slowing the process of food exit from the stomach.
  5. The capsule is the perfect solution for people who do not prefer anesthesia as it is done without the need for anesthesia, and you can practice your life normally immediately after you finish taking it.
  6.  The capsule has been developed so powerfully that it can spend 4 months in the stomach without being affected by digestive juices or different foods and drinks.
  7. There is no danger from smart capsules, and they are performed safely and quickly, and complications can only be observed in very rare cases.

 If you are between 18-64 years old, and your BMI ranges from 27kg/m2 to 40kg/m2, we advise you to consult your doctor about your ability to take the programmed capsule; Because it is a quick and completely safe solution, and it does not have any worrying complications. Moreover, do not forget to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to help your body lose extra pounds.

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