Tele-Medicine Clinic

What is Tele-medicine?

Tele-Medicine or virtual clinic is a new service provided by Gama Hospital that utilizes modern technologies and health practitioners’ expertise to empower patients and enable them to meet with their doctors, virtually, from the comfort of their homes. Counseling and treatment plans will be integrated with an electronic system that is connected to various healthcare facilities within the hospital.


Before using Telemedicine service provided by Gama Hospital, please remember that:

- Telemedicine aims at providing fast access to doctors for medical consultations, and patients' follow-up.

- The remote examination is for informational purposes, and the patient may need to visit the clinic for further examination and medical investigation if needed.

-  This service is not for emergency cases, so in case of emergency, call the nearest emergency number immediately.

- Data provided by the patient will not be shared with anyone.


Available virtual clinics:

All specialties


Working Hours:

Patients will be able to book their appointments in the virtual clinics every day from 12:00- 2:00 PM (Except for Friday)


Communication Method:

Current Patients

Patient- doctor's online communication will be through Whereby Platform, following the below steps:

1- Appointments booking by calling 920033175, or through the website

2- Appointment confirmation SMS will be sent to the patient, containing a link to pay for the consultations fee through STC Pay application or bank transfer, and another link to the virtual clinic.

New Patients

We will be delighted to receive your calls on 920033175 to activate your file and book an initial appointment with the Telemedicine clinic's supervisor doctor. The second opinion from a specialist doctor will be arranged if needed.


Terms and Conditions:

- Consultation fee to be paid within two hours from confirming the appointment, through STC Pay application Or bank transfer to SA9620000003111035539950 (Please mention the reason of transfer "Tele-medicine")

- The consultation's duration is 15 minutes.

- In the case of patient's no-show, the appointment will be considered as canceled with no eligibility to refund his payment.

- Appointments can be canceled 24 hours before the session.

- The patient's data will not be shared with anyone.

- Consultations will be recorded (Audio, Video) to be saved later in the medical records.

- According to CCHI guidelines, every patient covered by insurance is entitled to only one e-consultation and follow-up, per month.


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