Dr. Ahmed Hassan

Dr. Ahmed Hassan, Cardiology Consultant

MOH Registration Number: 038103010012000191972
SCHS Number: 10RM0299350


Dr. Ahmed got his MBBCH, MSc and MD in Cardiology from Al Azhar University. He obtained Electrophysiology Diploma from Ain shams University, Cairo in 2013

Services Offered by the doctor:

  • Management Of Cases Of Chest Pain
  1. Acute coronary syndromes
  2. Coronary artery diseases Early diagnosis by treadmill test
  • Management Of Cases with dyspnea and heart  failure
  • Management Of Cases of arrhythmias , diagnosis by 24hr,48hr holter monitoring
  • Management Of Cases of syncope
  • Echo Doppler
  • Ambulatory BP “24br”
  • Temporary Cardiac  Pacemaker for braclycardia cases



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