Home Care Services

Gama hospital provides Home Care special services for patients who need medical and special care at the comfort of their homes to improve quality of life.

Service Advantages:                    

- Cost effective alternative to extended hospital stay..

- Being at home gives patient sense of security and well being, without imposing burden on family and friends.

- Staying at home means being near family and friends-people who can offer care and support.


Home Health Care Providers are:

- Medical provider

- Nursing staff

- Physiotherapy

- Laboratory services

- Clinical dietary services

- Home health aides


Home Health Care Services are:

- Routine Home care: such as for diabetes, colostomies, heart and respiratory conditions
and for wound management.

- IV therapy, enteral nutrition, total parenteral nutrition, antibiotic therapy and pain management.

- Assistance of activities of daily living.

- Blood Drawing.

- Care of the terminally ill.

- Care of trauma victims

- Medical Management and injections.

- Medication Management.

- Nutrition Counseling

- Rehabilitation Services.

- Respite Care.

- Arrange for durable medical equipment, routine medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.


Who needs the Home Care Services:

- Recent discharge from the hospital or extended health facility.

- Multiple diagnoses or medical complication.

- High-risk disorders.

- Frequent hospitalization or emergency room visits.

- Acute episode of chronic illness.

- Multiple medications requiring instructions.

- Pain management.

- IV Therapy.

- On-going treatment: Catheters, tube feeding and ostomy.

- Acute impaction requiring enema, disimpaction and bowel program.

- Wound care requiring treatment, suture removal.

- Nutritional deficiencies requiring diet instruction.

- Unstable vital signs.

- New diagnosis requiring instructions.

- Terminal illness.