The Neurosurgery Department in Gama Hospital is equipped with the latest medical technology that allows for accurate diagnosis and ongoing treatment of neurological disorders, through highly specialized and experienced surgeons.

Our services include:

- Laparoscopic limited intervention of the brain and spine

- Spinal surgery

- Peripheral neurosurgery

- Treatment of chronic migraine headaches

- Conducting microscopic procedures of the brain and nerves.

- Spinal Canal narrowing

- Spinal cord defibrillation.

- Diagnosis and treatment of all tumors of the brain and nerves.

- Congenital brain defects of newborns and children.

- Treatment of diseases of congenital defects of the brain arteries.

Department Doctors

Dr. Ahmed Abduallah

8:30 am- 12 pm & 4-8 pm
8:30 am- 12 pm & 4-8 pm
Nationality / Egypt
Department / Neurosurgery
Tele-Medicine Clinic

Dr. Abdulrahman Onaizi

Sunday & Tuesday 4- 8 pm
Sunday & Tuesday 4- 8 pm
Nationality / Saudi Arabia
Department / Neurosurgery