February 23, 2018, 1:14 AM

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights:

All patients In Gama hospital deserve the high level of quality care regardless of their race, creed, sex, nationality, source of payment, ethical or political beliefs, cultural or educational background.

  1. Equal access to medical care by efficient specialist team.
  2. Confidentiality of his medical and social information.
  3. Prompt and reasonable response to his queries and needs.
  4. Respect his dignity and privacy, and to have female nurse with female patients (who come alone).
  5. Access full information about his doctor and the medical staff attending to his case.
  6.  Access adequate information about his health in language he can understand.
  7. Know the duration of his treatment, medical alternatives available, the risks involved and his prognosis.
  8. To refuse treatment after becoming aware of possible risks and consequences, and then sign informed consent.

9.  To choose a physician, and change him/her as per hospital policy.

     10. To change or transfer to another hospital as per hospital policy.

     11. Obtain information on the cost of his treatment.

     12. To know hospital rules & regulations, and it is patient right to      complain if necessary.

Patient and companions Responsibilities:

  1. Be thoughtful of other patients and visitors
  2. Provide complete information about illness and medical history
  3. Listen to explanation by medical team and participate in treatment plan.
  4. Attend appointment at the scheduled time.
  5. Inform us if any comments in care provided to allow us to improve the quality of our services. 


  1. Respect the visiting time schedule to ensure the comfort of all patients in addition to maintaining the quiet during the visit.
  2. Be respectful of those who are caring for patients and don’t  compromise their dignity or causing physical or psychological harm.
  3. some patients will have priority because of their critical medical condition.
  4. Please follow the security and safety instructions for the hospital.
  5. Please use the hospital facilities and equipment in safe and correct way.
  6. In case of hospital rule violations by patient companions, the hospital administration will cancel the companion approval and shall be held fully responsible for the violations.
  7. Choose representative in signing official documents and receiving information related to treatment.