February 23, 2018, 5:20 AM

Dr.muhammed samy alshhawy

Dr.muhammed samy alshhawy

Work Times: الفترة الاولى من الساعة 8 ص الى الساعة 12 م الفترة الثانية من الساعة 4 م الى الساعة 8 م

Department: Gastroenterology

Nationality: Egypt

Status: Senior Deputy

Name :Mohamed samy al shahawy

Date of Birth :10-7-1979

Place of Birth :Egypt



Name of University:Al azhar university

Major :Internal medicine

Specialty  :Gastroenterology and Endoscopy


of medicine  ,  2003.

Masterˈs degree of internal medicine gastroenterology unit , 2008.
PHD degree of internal medicine gastroenterology unit , 2012
Current Position:
Lecturer of internal medicine department , gastroenterology unit, al azher university hospitals

Upper GI endoscopy diagnostic and therapeutic.

Lower GI  endoscopy , diagnostic and therapeutic

ERCP endoscopy diagnostic  and  therapeutic.

Gastric   balloon   insertion for treating overweight individuals.

Special experience in NBI endoscopy.

Special interest  in screening for early detection of GI cancers by NBI endoscopy.

Diagnosis of H pylori gastritis by NBI without need for biopsy.

Experience in using   argon plasma coagulation  equipment  in deferent  GI therapeutic modalities.




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