February 23, 2018, 5:18 AM

Dr. Hamdy Talkhan

Dr. Hamdy Talkhan

Work Times: الفترة الاولى من الساعة 8 ص الى الساعة 12 م الفترة الثانية من الساعة 4 م الى الساعة 8 م


Nationality: Egypt

Status: Consultant

dr.hamdy mohammed talkhan


m.d. obstetrion and gynecology

egyptian board and arab board,obstetrion and gynecology

hospital managment diploma

community medicine diploma

diploma in laser for obst&gyne endoscopy


obstetrion and gynecology

all ob,gyne surgery

laparoscopic surgery in obstet and gyne

hysteroscopic surgery in obstet and gyne

colposcopic surgery in obstet and gyne

gyne oncology surgery

ultranoumd in obst and gynecology

jnfertility and amented reproduction