February 23, 2018, 1:28 AM


the department of orthopedic and trauma surgery in gama hospital can deal with many subspecialities like sports

injuries , knee arthoscopy for menisectomy and meniscal repair , ACL and PCL reconstruction , knee multiligamentous injuries , posterolateral corner injuries and instability . also sloulder arthroscopy for impingement syndromes , subacromial decompression , rotator cuff tears , bankart and SLAP repair .

since decades , the orthopedic department in gama hospital is famous for dealing and managing GOSI patients who get the highest rate of cure and rehabilitation .

also we heve aspecialized clinic for padiatric orthopedic cases , for diagnosis and management like , club feet , flat feet , genu varum , genu valgum , CP , metatarsus adductus and developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) .

theorthopedic department also includes a specialized unit in ilizarov and deformity correction surgery . the ilizarov fram is used in management of nonunited and infected fractures , segmental bone loss due to accidents , infection and tumour resection in selected cases . moreover , the ilizarov

external fixator is used in correction of bone deformities , limb length equilization and management of chronic bone infections .